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Map of All Levels (German Website)


Game Demos
1997 Beta
E3 Demo
Unity Remake Demo (Fan Made) - Source

Texture Modifications for PC
arkup's Texture Installer - Original Texture Installer (For Reverting) - Source

Gael Romanet's Bump Mapping Effect Retexture - Original Texture Installer (For Reverting) - Source

Gael Romanet's New Skies Mod Installer - Original Skies Installer (For Reverting) - Source

Better Map by Winning117
Original Map (Shipped with Game)

PC Manual

1998 E3 Trailer (0:33)
1999 Trailer (0:34)
1999 Trailer #2 (0:34)
1999 Trailer #3 (2:29)
GOG Trailer (1:44)
PSX Trailer (2:40)
E3 1999 Trailer (2:48)
Night Dive Studios Trailer (1:38)

Cutscene Videos in HD 60FPS w/ Subtitles
All Cutscenes
Startup Intro
First Cutscene

Gameplay Mods (For Steam)
Winning117's Better Mod Menu
Original Game Menu

Other Mods (For Steam)
Winning117's Space Saver (Deletes Unused Files)

Game Saves

Game Dialogue

How to limit FPS on PC
Dxtory Download
Video Tutorial
Limiting the FPS to 60 is useful because the game glitches out at higher framerates

How to run Shadow Man in Windowed mode:

How to use a controller on PC
Keysticks Download
Download Shadow Man Profile (By Winning117) for Keysticks
To use the above profile make sure to set your keyboard layout to the following:

You cannot use the default settings because some keys can not be activated by the controller. Be sure to unbind the keys on the right-hand side aside from the ones shown. This can be done by assigning every key to joy-right, thus deleting the previous entries.

How to fix Shadow Man on Steam not installing:
Open up your shadow man files (probably "Steam\steamapps\common\ShadowMan") and rename "shadowman_installscript.vdf" to "installscript.vdf" then relaunch the game

How to set up the emulator for Segmented N64 runs:

Resolution issues:
Running the game at any resolution above 1920x1440 will result in a 'DirectX Initialization Failure'