Find out what triggers enemy spawns
Compare N64 vs PC time save
Roll on lava without marcher
Write out what all cheats do and the differences between versions
Add note in menu for gads that you must warp for it to work
Shoot final boss with fire weapons for time save
move "use primary weapon as any" in menu to above shadowmeter settings
color shadowmeter settings in menu
compare power levels for mask
compare loa sister tiers
make chart of how many dark souls are needed for each shadow level
make chart of enemy health and enemy damage
add damage info for each weapon
show cadeaux locations
add area of website for dark soul locations
add game saves for each part of speedrun
add alternating background for different sections
make page of different zones
make glitchless speedrun
add gads to item page
add artwork from book of shadows

Overall Glitches:
Duplicate items across saves (Found by SephJul) - Banned in speedruns

Hitbox launching

Strafing up walls

End-game softlock (needs to be looked into further to see what triggers it)

Fall through ledges

Killed while using Shadow Gate

Climb fire pillars

Skip fire pillars

Walk on rope

FPS Differences:
Taking damage comparison

Enseigne time comparison

Gate opening time comparison

Swim speed comparison

Drowning comparison (no difference)

Shadowgun charging comparison (no difference)

Louisiana Glitches:
Using dogs to launch out of the map

OoB to get shotgun before handgun

OoB to skip loading trigger (may be useful for getting the govi faster)

Deadside Marrow Gates Glitches:
Launch off enemy's head

Bloodfall skip #1

Bloodfall skip #2

Bloodfall skip #3

Wasteland Temple of Life Glitches:
Backward long jump over lava to get govi

Backward long jump to get govi

Asylum Cageways:
Floating cage

Asylum Engine Block:
Skip to Final Boss